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Should Will Smith Play Genie in the Aladdin Live Action Remake?

Guy Ritchie may have found his Genie.

Will Smith is in early talks for the magical, musical role in the live-action adaptation of Aladdin.

Smith was previously in talks with Tim Burton about the live-action Dumbo movie, but a deal never materialized due to scheduling. Smith had been trying to juggle that project and Bad Boys 3, but with Bad Boys 3 now off the table, temporarily due to a loss of a director, Smith may have more wiggle room in that department. Smith remains a high-salary player so a deal is far from a sure thing.

(Hollywood Reporter)


It looks all but certain that Will Smith will replace Robin Williams as the voice of Genie in the new Aladdin live action film that we don’t need but Disney is determined to steal all of our money based solely off of nostalgia points.

Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast were average. Maleficent was weird and creepy. The Jungle Book was fine, well up until the point when they started singing. I still have nightmares of Christopher Walken’s voice coming out of that gigantic orangutan.

Now we have Aladdin next on the slate to steal all of our cash.

But should Will Smith voice Genie?

Of course not. Are you dumb? This movie is going to be awful. No, he should not be the genie and this has nothing to do with Robin Williams. I don’t think his performance is untouchable. Obviously, he is the only one who can do what he did but whoever plays genie next would play the character completely differently and they should. That’s not the problem.

The problem is that Will Smith hasn’t had charisma since like, Bad Boys 2. Did you see After Earth? Vomit. Ever since he joined Scientology, he has become a robot. A robot with a shitty son. Will Smith shouldn’t play Genie because Will Smith is the least fun human being on the planet.




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