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Should We Be Concerned About This German Model With 32S Rockets in Black Face?




Meet Martina Big, former human being.

I feel like there is this strange cult of blonde chicks who distort their bodies and faces to look like ‘Barbie’. Perhaps I haven’t been around a Barbie doll in awhile but I feel like she didn’t 32S torpedoes. I 1000% would’ve been playing with Barbie dolls 24/7 if that were the case.

I don’t really care about that to honest. Especially when it happens in Germany. There’s so much experimental surgeries over there. 32S boobs for all the boys and girls over there.

But we need to have a quick town hall meeting. Um, are we all chill with this woman painting it black? Is this cool? Should I be angry?

In defense of my girl Martina Big, I don’t think there are black people in Germany so does it even count as black face. The black population just when from 0 to 1 thanks to this broad who clearly lacks mental stability.

Is this okay? I need answers. I’m feelings so many different emotions after looking at this woman. I’m going to need an hour alone for various reasons.



Sidenote: I bet her nipples look like bleached pennies. Just something to think about today.




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