Should The New York Yankees Resign Masahiro Tanaka If He Opts Out After The World Series?

The Yankees bullied the Houston Astros in a 5-0 victory to go up 3-2 in the ALCS all thanks to Masahiro Tanaka stepping up and finally pitching like the Ace the Yankees originally acquired from Japan.

Tanaka has two outings of seven shutout innings in the postseason which is the first time a Yankees pitcher has accomplished that since Roger Clemens in 2000. He has 15 strikeouts and he is straight up embarrassing batters out there.

But if he continues to pitch like he’s god’s gift to baseball, there is a very good chance that he’ll opt out of $67 million next season and try to get a brand new long-term bag. Somehow after an incredibly up and down season, Tanaka has all the leverage in the world.

This upcoming free agent class straight up stinks. Outside of Yu Darvish and JAke Arrieta, there is nothing to write home about. Tanaka would easily be the number one target for most teams and the Yankees would have to resign him because it looks like the alternative is Doug Fister or Andrew Cashner. No thanks.

The Yankees clearly want to change the way they spend and they want to fall under the luxury tax. They pretty much put a gun to Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira’s heads last season to force them to retire and I wouldn’t be shocked if they did the same thing to Jacoby Ellsbury next season.

But they might have to open up the checkbook for the last time before Aaron Judge, Greg Bird and Gary Sanchez need new deals. Again, what’s the point of saving that money in the short term if it costs you wins?

We also have to remember that Tanaka decided not to get Tommy John surgery a few years ago and his elbow could fall apart at any time.

Should The New York Yankees Resign Masahiro Tanaka If He Opts Out After The World Series?

PAY THE MAN…so that I can complain on Twitter in 3 years when he can’t get out of the 3rd inning and the Yankees lose every 5 games.


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