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Should The New York Yankees Be Concerned About Their Lack of Left-Handed Hitters?

If the season were to start today, the New York Yankees have just one left-hander on their 25-man roster. Brett Gardner is the only lefty in the lineup. He along with Aaron Hicks will have to do all of the heavy lifting from the left side of the plate.

Didi Gregorius will miss a majority of the season and Neil Walker is gone. Jacoby Ellsbury is basically just an ATM in a walking boot. And I love Greg Bird. He seems like a great guy. He also will most likely be playing AAA baseball until they trick a team into investing in him at the trade deadline.

What makes the Yankees lack of lefties even more concerning is that they play in a ballpark with a right wall designed for lefty’s to rake. If you’re a left-hander, all you have to do is pull the ball in the air and it’ll land in the seats. A windy day and a lefty can bunt for a homer.

Annnnd the Yankees decided to build a lineup of rightys. Maybe Brian Cashman should’ve spent less time collecting all that International Pool Money and actually signed a left-hander to take advatange of the ballpark they play 81 games in.

So should the Yankees be concerned about their lack of lefty hitters?

Well here’s the thing, the Yankees right-handers are some of the best right handers (ever?). It doesn’t matter how far away the walls are, Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez are going to hit balls into outer space.

Here’s a fun fact: Luke Voit hit 15 homers last season. Only 3 of them landed in the left field seats which means he solely crushes opposite field bombs thus rendering Greg Bird even more useless.

In his Rookie of the Year campaing, Miguel Andujar had an OPS of .855. However, his OPS against right handed pitching was .869. So it’s safe to say, even though there aren’t leftys in the lineup, right handed pitchers still have to work through every batter.

But at the end of the day, the Yankees should probably just stop being pussies and sign one of the best lefties in the game. Bryce Harper is better than Brett Gardner and Clint Frazier and whoever else is going to play left field.

Just sign Bryce Harper. Problem solved.



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