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Should The New York Knicks Trade Emmanuel Mudiay Or Make Him The Long Term Point Guard?

So it has become quite clear that Emmanuel Mudiay, former draft bust that was rotting away in Denver, has found his confidence as is objectively the best player on the New York Knicks right now.

For all of the Knicks fans that think Tim Hardaway Jr. is the best scorer on the team, Mudiay is far more efficient. This month, Mudiay is taking 15 shots per game and he’s making 48% of his shots while Hardaway is taking 17 shots a game at a 39% clip.

Hardaway LOVES missing jump shots.

If Mudiay is going to continue to run the ‘score 30 points a night’ play then we need to have a serious discussion about the future of this upcoming free agent.

Should the New York Giants trade Emmanuel Mudiay?

The Knicks seem to think that teams will trade them assets for Courtney Lee. Have you watched Courtney Lee play basketball in 2018? I’ve never seen a professional basketball player look more nervous when he gets to the rim. Lee is afraid of layups[ 1. haven’t heard that sentence since middle school basketball.].

Maybe the Knicks can get like, a future 2nd round pick for Lee. Dope.

The way Mudiay is currently playing, the Knicks could for sure get a first-round draft pick for him which would help this team going forward plus it would help the Knicks tank even harder after losing their best player.

All of a sudden we’re looking at a Top 3 draft pick, another first round draft pick somewhere that would probably land anywhere between 18-30 and cap space to sign a superstar with Kristaps Porzingis coming back healthy. Heart eyes emoji.

But if you trade him then this team finds itself in the same position it’s been in from the beginning of time: no point guard.

Yes, they could possibly sign Kemba Walker or Kyrie Irving but Mudiay would be cheaper to both re-sign and move on from if his skills diminish.

If you give Kyrie the max and his knees evaporate then you’re stuck with that massive hole in your salary cap and I’m pretty sure New York is already paying Joakim Noah’s rent for the remainder of time.

I love Emmanuel Mudiay’s aggressiveness in transition as he always takes the ball to the basket and he’s a great finisher at the rim. I can only see Trey Burke get his shit swatted into the concession stands so many times before I throw my television into the Long Island Sound.

Having said that, the Knicks need to trade Mudiay before he remembers that he’s trash. Right now he’s playing out of his mind. That won’t last forever.

Can’t wait to see Mudiay in a Pelicans jersey helping Anthony Davis sweep the Trailblazers in the first round again while the first round draft pick we get back turns into an All-Star.

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