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Should The New York Knicks Give Up A First Round Pick In Order To Trade Tim Hardaway Jr and Courtney Lee?

The New York Knicks have received trade inquiries from teams around the league regarding Tim Hardaway Jr. and Courtney Lee, according to The Athletic’s Mike Vorkunov.

Per Vorkunov, New York has made it clear it’s not looking to attach additional assets to facilitate a move. (Bleacher Report)

Tim Hardaway Jr has 3 more years at $17 million per and Courtney Lee has 2 more years at $12 million per. Both terribly dumb contracts for two guys that would come off the bench for most teams in the league.

Sure, Tim Hardaway Jr is leading the Knicks in scoring but that’s because for some reason, people in the organization told him that he was responsible for carrying the scoring load in Kristaps Porzingis’s absense.

His shot selection is trash. He’s not only an unwilling passer but he’s bad at passing. He never passes the ball to a player in a position to catch and shoot. It’s usually a pass at someone’s feet or something.

Hardaway tries on defense, I reckon, but he gets beat off the dribble every single time. When Tim Hardaway steps up to defend a guy, that player, licks their lips, puts on a Red Lobster bib, pulls out a fork and knife and devours Hardaway’s ankles like a T-Bone steak.

Courtney Lee hasn’t played since December 27th. He’s not even really on the team anymore. He exists exclusively to talk to Kristaps on the sidelines. He seems like, cool or whatever.

The Knicks do not need either player.

If the New York Knicks really want to make a splash this offseason, moving Hardaway and Lee would clear up enough salary cap space to sign two Max contract players.

If Kevin Durant wants to come to New York, the Knicks inability to sign another star to play alongside him might change Durant’s mind. Durant and Kyrie playing in the Garden? I’d haaaate to see that. Kawhi and Kemba in a Knicks jersey?? Oh no.

But the problem is that teams don’t want to take on Hardaway or Lee’s dumb contracts unless the Knicks attach a draft pick to sweeten the deal and unload their trash.

So should the Knicks give up a draft pick to move Tim Hardaway Jr and Courtney Lee?

Yes, 100000%.

You obviously don’t give up this year’s draft pick because that’ll most likely be a Top 3 pick and Zion Williamson is more valuable than freeing up the cap space for like, Jimmy Butler to come to town, stealing a max contract and calling Kevin Knox a bitch.

But hey Sacramento, you need another guard in your rotation? Here, take Courtney Lee and this 2023 first round draft pick. Hey Utah, no one is ever going to sign there as a free agent so take Hardaway who has mutliple years left and this 2050 first rounder.

Get Tim Hardaway and Courtney Lee out of here and bring in Durant, Klay Thompson and DeMarcus Cousins. Warriors East.




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