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Should The New York Knicks trade For Donovan Mitchell?

There is a report this week that Donovan Mitchell’s relationship with Rudy Gobert is ‘unsalvagable’ after Rudy gave him coronavirus which is understandable. Sure, Rudy didn’t know he was carrying It but he also went out of his way to touch every microphone in a post-game press conference to ‘make fun’ of the virus that has now killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Uh, good joke, Gobert.

With that relationship strained, it makes sense for Utah to move on from Mitchell. Donovan hasn’t gotten his payday yet which means it’s easier to trade his contract. Rudy Gobert is the defensive anchor of the team.

Mitchell is just a scorer and not to downplay the role of a scorer but he was filling in for Gordon Hayward. Utah has had the same level of success with either player. They can acquire another scorer and be in the same position.

Donovan Mitchel is 23-years old who has career averages of 22.7 points, 4 assists and 4.1 rebounds.

Enter the New York Knicks.

Fun fact: Mitchell is from Westchester and his dad is an exec for the New York Mets. How INTERESTING. I’m going to add that Leon Rose used to be his agent before becoming the president of the Knicks but I don’t think that matters. Having said that, Donovan is a weirdo so maybe it matters to him.

The Knicks have seven first-round draft picks in the next 4 drafts. Assets, bitch. The Jazz are also the perfect trade partners because they wouldn’t request Mitchell Robinson as they already have Gobert in the roster.

The problem would be potentially parting ways with not only last year’s No. 3 pick, RJ Barrett, but also giving away this year’s first rounder which could also be in the Top 3. I trust Utah’s ability to develop RJ Barrett and LaMelo Ball into all-stars while Donovan Mitchell does his best Stephon Marbury impression in a Knicks jersey.

So should the New York Knicks trade for Donovan Mitchell?

Fuck no.

My man was walking around with a sweatshirt that had the definition of the word ‘rookie’ on it a week before losing the Rookie of the Year award to Ben Simmons. Some people think Simmons won because he was a better player but nope, he won because Donovan is a corny goofy weirdo.

New York needs cool, level-headed, down to earth potential stars to build around. RJ Barrett looks completely unbothered by playing in Madison Square Garden while Kristaps Porzingis was checking his Instagram DMs at halftime.

Donovan Mitchell is going to unravel under the scrutiny of garbage New York Post headlines and Steve Francis comparisons. A New York Knicks Donovan Mitchell relationship would be disastrous.

The Knicks need one more year of growing Barrett, Mitch Robinson, Frank Ntilikina, Kevin Knox and whomever they draft at the end of the year before they even consider trading any assets.

You also have to recognize that guys like Karl-Anthony Towns and Devin Booker could become available sooner than later. Both of those players are better and less weird than Donovon Mitchell.

The Knicks need to sit this one out. We didn’t watch this team lose every game the last few seasons to punt on the future in order to acquire dark skin Monta Ellis’s meaningless 20 points a game.

Mitchell Robinson and RJ Barrett vs. EVERYONE. Fuck Donovan Mitchell and his weak ass immune system.




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