Should Teams Actually Try To Trade For Markelle Fultz?

What Happened?

Philadelphia 76ers guard Markelle Fultz’s tenure with the team that drafted him first overall may be coming to an end after a bizarre year-and-a-half to begin his NBA career.

Per Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Fultz is no longer in the Sixers’ long-term plans.” He also noted that “multiple sources” said the team is “considering trading Fultz.”

(Bleacher Report)


The Markelle Fultz saga is one of the most fascinating stories in the NBA and the 76ers seem to have finally had enough of the drama as they are now actively looking to trade him out of town. Last week, Markelle Fultz’s lawyer kept him away from the team to go see a shoulder specialist where he found out he may have some phantom wrist injury.

Yes, Fultz can’t shoot the basketball and after going to a shoulder specialist, it turns out it’s been his wrist this whole time. *wink sure *wink*. Shout out to the people around Fultz ignoring the fact that he’s perfectly healthy and he’s just afraid of the high expectations of being the No. 1 draft pick in 2017.

But should a team pick up the phone and try to acquire a guy who is afraid to take free throws and looks absolutely lost on a basketball court?

It’s already being reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers have shown interest in trading for Fultz. If Markelle drowned in an environment like Philadelphia, he will 1000% be on suicide watch if he’s dropped in the middle of the post-LeBron chaos in Cleveland.

We see guys get traded and unlock their full potential all the time. Victor Oladipo was lost in Orlando and Oklahoma City but when he arrived in Indiana he became one of the best shooting guards in the NBA.

It’s extremely possible that Fultz puts on a new jersey and magically remembers how great he used to be. For example, if he landed on the Spurs, there is no doubt in my mind that Greg Popovich would find the real Fultz. He made LaMarcus Aldridge an All-NBA center.

So should teams trade for Markelle Fultz?

Let me be selfish. Personally, I would love to see Markelle and Jimmer Freddette form a dream team in China. That is where I want all former college basketball phenoms that couldn’t make the NBA to eventually land. Fultz, Jimmer and Adam Morrison could all be Chinese Hall of Famers.

But yea, it doesn’t hurt for a team that needs a backup point guard to acquire Fultz.

As long as there is no pressure on him to be ‘the guy’. Buuuuut chances are, Markelle is washed and he’s going to be hanging out with Carmelo Anthony sitting next to me at the bar next weekend watching the Knicks game as we all complain about being unemployed.




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