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Should Kyle Lauletta Get Another Chance To Play This Season?

The New York Giants were embarrassed in a 0-17 shutout loss to the Tennessee Titans. After making his debut and appearing to have never thrown a football before, rookie quaterback, Kyle Lauletta, was inactive against the Titans.

Over the weekend it was reported that the Giants will be bringing Eli Manning back next season as this organization continues to treat him like he’s the greatest football player in the history of history.

He’s not.

On Sunday, Eli had a 54.1 passer rating to go along with an interception. Those are Kyle Lauletta stats so you might as well throw the rookie out there if that’s what the offense is going to look like regardless.

Eli, what the fuck are you doing? I get the feeling that Lauletta is capable of this if this is what’s expected of the Giants QB1.

Should Kyle Lauletta get a second chance?

Yea, sure. The season is over and I’m not so ready to quit on draft picks as the Giants are (except Ereck Flowers. They held onto that pile of garbage for way too long). If you’re going to lose anyway, let this guy get experience. Nick Mullins in San Francisco was undrafted and it’s not like Kyle Shanahan is playing a veteran over him for no reason.

Pat Shurmur continues to say that Eli gives them the best chance to win. Well then this team doesn’t have a chance to win at all. I can’t even pretend like the playoffs are an option now. Can’t wait for Dave Gettleman to draft another running back in the first round this year.




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