Should I Be Watching The Walking Dead?

Sooo I pride myself in being a pop culture connoisseur. I listen to brand new albums the day they come out. When a blockbuster movie is released, I’m there at the theatre opening weekend. New HBO series? Yup, I’ll be there Sunday night to test it out.

But somehow, someway, The Walking Dead has slipped between my fat little fingers. I’ve watched a grand total of zero minutes of the show that everyone and their mothers seem to watch Sunday nights.

The Walking Dead premiered in 2010 and at the time, I could not care less. As a proud comic book nerd, TWD just doesn’t do it for me. I’m not saying I NEED superheroes in my comic books but I don’t give a shit about Rick Grimes unless he gets adamantium claws tomorrow.

I also find zombies to be the least interesting antagonists ever. They have no personalities or real motives other than ‘brains’. Are people really afraid that dead people are going to just climb out of their graves and eat people? That sentence sounds stupid because zombies are STUPID.

With AMC releasing absolute BANGERS like Mad Men and Breaking Bad, perhaps I didn’t find Daryl as interesting of a character as Dick Whitman or Mr. White. Two amazing shows that transport you into two distinct realities, one being the Albuquerque meth scene and the other being the late 60’s advertising world. You cannot sell me on the world of The Walking Dead compared to those better shows.

Should I be watching The Walking Dead?

I don’t have that answer. I guess I just have more questions that will help me determine if it’s worth the time to binge on Netflix:

  • How many zombies are there?
  • How often do zombies eat people’s brain?
  • Are there zombies in every episode?
  • What the fuck is ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ and do I have to watch that too?
  • Do I need to watch Chris Hardwick’s ‘Talking Dead’ as well?
  • Does Jon Hamm or Bryan Cranston make a cameo appearance?


I’m probably never going to watch that show but like, feel free to reach out with bulleted plot points so I can still be a pop culture connoisseur and I can confidently pretend like I’m watching this shit. Thanks.





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