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Should Greg Bird Still Even Be Getting At-Bats?

Greg Bird returned to the lineup on Monday night in the Yankees 7-2 mollywhopping of the Minnesota Twins. Prior to that random start at first base, Bird was in the midst of a 3-for-39 slump and entered that game with a .197 batting average.

Bird went 0-for-3 with 2 walks. At least he got on base(??)

Here’s what Aaron Boone said about his decision to start Greg Bird:

“I wanted to get him in there at some point, obviously Luke [Voit] has been so good for us and has earned the everyday at-bats. I felt like the travel [from Seattle] and a matchup that we kind of liked. Luke has been stiff the last couple of days, nothing that he didn’t want to try and play through. And again, wanting to keep Birdie relevant and get him at-bats where we can.’’

I love Greg Bird. You know what else I love? Seeing Luke Voit punch baseballs to the moon. Seeing Luke Voit be able to catch the baseball when it’s thrown to him standing on first base. When a batter grounds to Didi Gregorius, there’s a 70/30 chance that Greg Bird like, closes his mitt too early and the runner is safe on first.

So should Greg Bird still be getting at-bats at this point?

*whispers* Greg Bird shouldn’t even make the playoff roster.

Have I mentioned I love Bird? Cool. Just want to make it clear before I state very clearly that I prefer Luke Voit starting at first and Neil Walker being the backup if need be with another arm in the bullpen instead of a backup first basemen batting .195

Having Bird’s lefty bat in the lineup is huge buuuut it’s only huge if Bird actually, you know, hits baseballs. Bird swings a bat like he’s annoyed that he has to be out there while Voit swings the bat like he’s trying to destroy cars in the parking lot.

I LOVE GREG BIRD. I also love winning World Series rings. Don’t make me choose.






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