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Shocking News: Wealthy Old White Guy Working For Trump Adminstration Is Being Investigated For Racist and Sexist Remarks

This is going to be shocking news for a lot of people but it turns out old white billionaires might not be great people as it is being reported that Woody Johnsonowner of the New York Jets and Trump appointed Ambassador of the UK—is a racist asshole that doesn’t respect women. I know it’s hard to believe but walk with me. We’ll get through this together.

Here’s a quick example of Woody’s lovely behavior:

In 2018, ahead of an event for Black History Month — commonly marked at US embassies around the world — Johnson appeared agitated and asked if the audience would be “a whole bunch of Black people,” according to one source.
Three sources said Johnson questioned why the Black community would want a separate month to celebrate Black history and argued that Black fathers didn’t remain with their families and that was the “real challenge.” One source said an official who heard the remarks was “stunned” and that the incident was documented and made known to both the OIG inspectors and a supervisor.

Just a quick reminder that these are the types of people running our government and being hired by your president. Old white racist who are annoyed by the need to honor black people for an entire month. They can’t even pretend to like black people for 28 days without saying weird shit about black dads.

Love hearing how terrible black fathers are from a man who abandoned his daughter, Casey, who was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Oh, she was also diabetic and died at age 30. Imagine being such as shitty father that you cut your daughter off because she’s ‘difficult’ knowing damn well she has BOTH mental and physical handicaps.

Woody Johnson is an absolute cunt.

Two sources said the ambassador indicated he preferred working with women, but he suggested that was because women were cheaper and worked harder than men.

He would also comment on the way that the women in the embassy were dressed, two sources told CNN.

A team at the embassy tried to get Johnson to do an event around gender-based violence in November 2017, this source said, to which the ambassador replied that he was not interested because he’s “not a woman.”

Wait a wealthy old white guy who doesn’t care about issues that don’t directly affect him?? All of this news is surprising and I am alarmed. Woody Johnson is a piece of shit who was born rich and spent his entire life surrounding himself with other spoiled rich dicks to the point where he’s achieved political power over people who doesn’t even care to serve.

Fuck Woody Johnson. He has already denied these claims and it doesn’t matter because there will be zero consequences. A wealthy business owner bragged about how he pays women less and we’ll continue to just shrug and not understand why women make less than men.

This is the racism we are fighting. People in power who do not respect black people and mock them for wanting a Black History Month.

And worst of all, he drafted Christian Hackenberg and Hackenberg never threw an NFL pass. Arrest Woody for that alone.


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