Shitty Entitled White Guy Caught Screaming at Cafe Employees Because They Were Speaking Spanish Should Be Thrown in a Volcano

Meet Aaron Schlossberg, the piece of shit New York City lawyer that berated a couple of sandwich makers because they spoke Spanish in front of him. Imagine being so racist that the simple sound of another language that you’ve deemed to be ‘less than’ makes you see red.

There is truly no reason to behave this way when you hear workers speaking a different language. This is insane behavior. People should be allowed to communicate with one another any way they can. Are we now attacking deaf people for using sign language? “THIS IS AMERICA. PUT YOUR GANGS SIGNS AWAY AND SPEAK ENGLISH”

My favorite part of this video has to be bitch ass Aaron recording the incident from his phone as well. Like, my man really thought he was exposing THEM. Again, if you’re not sure whether or not you are a racist, assuming that people who speak Spanish are automatically illegal immigrants, is, in fact, racist, sir.

Oh and here’s Aaron Schlossberg at a Trump rally shouting ‘You are not a Jew’. Just the cherry on top of the white supremacist cake. Let’s go ahead and drop this man into an active volcano and keep it moving before he sees me quietly sitting on a park bench and calls the cops on me for trespassing aka being black.

Death by volcano.



Sidenote: how does this man survive in Manhattan hating Spanish people? Just pack your own lunch, guy.



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