Parents Arrested For Getting Drunk With Their Baby At a Bar and Breastfeeding

The parents of a 7-month-old girl have been charged with neglect after police say they took the infant to a bar, where the mother allegedly breastfed her daughter while drinking beer.

Shari Treba, 42, and Michael Trosclair, 45, both face charges of neglect of a dependent and public intoxication after police found them intoxicated at a Downtown bar with the daughter, according to court documents detailing the incident.

Officers found Treba standing outside a roped-off area of the bar next to a stroller, drinking beer. She told officers the baby was hers before taking another drink, documents say.

Witnesses told police she had been offering sex to people who would go inside and get her beer, according to court documents. They also said she had been seen drinking while breastfeeding the child and alleged she had left the baby unattended to go inside the bar and buy more beer.


(Indy Star)

This is the perfect example of ‘control yo chick’. I’ve seen this relationship a bajillion times. The woman gets absolutely shitfaced and the boyfriend has no control over his girl. Not saying he needs to like, publicly fight with her but hey, maybe tighten the leash when homegirl takes her tits out.

Maybe when ya girl starts offering sex to strangers so that they run and get her a beer, you step in and at the very least, tap Shari Treba on the shoulder and say ‘hey, um, don’t forget I’m your boyfriend.’ You can’t allow yourself to be both arrested and cucked on the same day.

Something tells me if Shari Treba is bringing her baby to the bar and breastfeeding while she’s blackout drunk, then there’s a high probability that she was most likely drinking while this poor child was in the womb and her boyfriend was watching her get humped by other dudes.

What a beautiful family.




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