Send The Golden State Warriors To The G-League

The Golden State Warriors absolutely STINK this season. Two games and they’ve lost to the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks by a combined 65 points. Two real title contenders just stole Golden State’s lunch money and stuffed them in a locker on live television. Laugh at the Warriors.

Entering the season, we were led to believe that the Steph Curry-Klay Thompson-Draymond Green battery was back and ready to compete for chips again. Then Klay popped his Achilles prior to training camp. Draymond is nursing a foot injury. And Steph Curry is out there leading a ragtag group of players that have no business playing on nationally televised games.

For some reason, NBA media still believes Andrew Wiggins is good at basketball despite the fact that Wiggins has never once been good at basketball. Putting on a Golden State Warriors jersey doesn’t suddenly unlock a new level of basketball IQ.

Wiggins is the worst player on the floor no matter who else is on the floor. He’s shooting 29% from the field and 20% from 3 so far. What would the Warriors do without Wiggins dropping 12.5 points a night??

We were told that acquiring Kelly Oubre was such a smart move by this organization run by geniuses. Oubre has made 4 shots this season. 4. In 24 attempts. He’s taken 24 shots. He’s made 4. Man. Listen. Man.

Golden State had the No. 2 overall pick and personally, I think they should’ve packaged it with Draymond or tricked someone into taking Wiggins’s bitch ass in order to acquire a star to play alongside Steph but the team elected to draft James Wiseman.

I am now realizing that was the correct move because they will be drafting in the lottery again this offseason so they need a young core to build around considering they are the worst team in the NBA and it’s not even close.

This is a G-League ass team and I don’t even feel good saying that. It’s disrespectful to the players in the G-League who are astronomically better than the Warriors.

Only one man can save these bums. *throws up bat signal*

Warriors in 4.




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