Send Kelly Loeffler To The Guillotine

I want to start off by saying that I do not condone the use of the C-word. We do not disrespect and diminish women here. That being said, Kelly Loeffler is a cross-eyed cunt.

Let’s take a step back and a quick deep breath.

Kelly Loeffler is a Georgia senator. She did not win the position. She’s a businesswoman who was appointed by Georgia governor Brian Kemp after the former senator, Johnny Isakson retired due to health concerns in November 2019.

Important context to add that no one wanted Loeffler in power. She did not win over voters. She was just randomly picked one day. Even Donald Trump had a problem with her appointment and he loves corrupt blonde women.

Kelly Loeffler is one of the wealthiest women in the country who rose to affluence working for the International Exchange which was responsible for the buying and selling of oil companies. Nothing better than that sweet delicious climate change money.

She then married the chairman and CEO of the New York Stock exchange, you know, that thing that you just casually do. I, too, am married to the man that uh, owns all the money.

Oh, she also owns the WNBA team the Atlanta Dream. That doesn’t fit into reasons why you should hate her but it definitely fits into this woman just owning the state of Georgia through overwhelming wealth.

But what makes Kelly Loeffler a vile garbage monster is her exploitation of her obnoxiously obvious conflict of interest and human suffering to earn a few extra million on top of the millions upon millions of dollars that she will never be able to spend in her lifetime.

On January 24th, the senate held a private meeting involving Anthony Fauci and the CDC to discuss the impending Coronavirus pandemic. Andddd later that day Loeffler sold millions of dollars worth of stock and then proceeded to purchase stock in companies Citrix, a company that makes work-from-home software. Oh. Crazy coincidence.

It’s almost as if Kelly Loeffler used privileged information that only few were privy too and then she and her husband—WHO RUNS THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE—suddenly started making a bunch of highly specific transactions that same fucking day.

Americans are so conditioned to just be okay with political corruption that ol girl faced zero consequences for this blatant example of insider trading. Kelly Loeffler is still very much in office and is still very much profiting off of the deaths of thousands of Americans.

But not to worry guys, Kelly and her bitch ass husband will be liquidating their stock portfolio because they feel bad. Not because they broke the law or because they’re robbing graves. Nope. Feelings.

Good for them. Let us totally ignore the fact that by liquidating their stocks, they’ll probably end up making even more money off this shit. Scamming 101.

Anddd now this soulless Westworld host is coming off the top rope to dunk on Bernie Sanders after he suspended his campaign.

This asshole.

You cannot be the face of politician corruption and corporate greed and then get on your soapbox to declare that socialism is the biggest threat to America when in actuality, it’s the biggest threat to you and your husband’s vacation plans.

There was one candidate during this election cycle running on making life better for the middle and lower classes in America and people with power, money and influence fought tooth and nail to prevent Bernie Sanders from giving any of their power, money and influence to the rest of us.

But it gets worse. Here she is continuing to defend her bullshit on Fox News:

This cunt.

Socialism has just become an easy diversion to throw out to distract dumb Fox News viewers into being okay with the fact that you used insider information to steal millions of dollars.

Why in the fuck are we even okay with elected public officials owning ANY stocks? We elected you to improve our lives. Not yours. You want to get rich off the stock market? By all means. Proceed. But resign from the Senate. You are not serving anyone but Kelly Loeffler.

Whether you believe in socialism or not, you have to look at Kelly Loeffler and realize that the system is broken. America desperately needs a redistribution of wealth. The rich are straight up feeding off our dead coronavirus stricken bodies and then blaming us for our own deaths because we want health care and because we didn’t marry the CEO of the New York Stock Exchange.

Being rich isn’t because of your impeccable work ethic or because you never gave up or whatever trash picture book some little kid is being read to by their babysitter as their parents are off to their second job risking their exposure to COVID-19 in order to continue to live paycheck to paycheck while Kelly Loeffler is told exactly which stocks to buy and sell with her husband’s money.

Fuck Kelly Loeffler. Send her to the guillotine. Burn Washington DC to the ground.






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