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Send Donald Trump To Iran

Last week, the United States sent a drone strike at the Baghdad International Airport in Iraq killing Iranian Commander, Qassim Suleimani. Suleimani led every single military operation for Iran in the last two decades so needless to say, this is a brutal L for Iran.

Naturally, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, vowed revenge against America.

“His departure to God does not end his path or his mission. but a forceful revenge awaits the criminals who have his blood and the blood of the other martyrs last night on their hands.”

I mean that’s not great for America, right? Iran isn’t some underdeveloped third world nation. They are more than capable of retaliating with their own missile strikes and cyber terrorism.

It really makes you question why this strike even occurred. The White House claims it was to prevent further actions by Iran but it without a doubt did nothing but encourage more violence in the region and forces America to send more troops to Iraq.

Basically, Donald Trump’s military strategy here is to start a war in order to *checks notes* prevent a war?? Got it.

Perhaps there is some military intelligence that we are not privy to as casual citizens but I highly doubt that. Nothing about the actions of the people running around in that White House should make you think there’s any level of intelligence in that building.

Literally no one can wrap their minds around this attack on Iran. Killing Qassim Suleimani was such a sudden, random and severe decision that has such tiny tiny upside. It’s almost exclusively just an act or war for no discernible reason.

We can speculate that the move was to draw attention away from his Impeachment, which it certainly has, but the Impeachment was on pause anyway as the House waited for the Senate to agree to trial terms. The Impeachment buzz was already dying down for the moment.

We keep thinking Donald Trump is making smart evil decisions but this motherfucker truly just wakes up, watches Fox News, and acts based solely off what he hears on Fox and Friends that day. This is not a man smart enough to even consider the possibility of killing a world leader as a distraction in the media. This is not a man that believes in ‘distractions’.

Iran retaliated Tuesday night by sending about a dozen missiles at American bases in Iraq. There are mixed reports on the damage as America claims zero people were harmed and Iran is saying that at least 80 troops were injured which is fucking nuts that we have no idea which report is correct.

Reminder: Donald Trump didn’t need to send a drone strike over there and escalate tensions but that’s what happens when you elect dumb people. They do dumb shit.

A Suleimani ally also issued an $80 million bounty for Trump’s assassination.

The bounty combined with the attacks on the Iraqi base that Trump visited back in 2018 makes one thing very clear: this shit is personal between Iran and Donald Trump.

Lottttt of World War III memes came out last weekend but Donald Trump is an asshole who has destroyed his relationships with foreign powers. If Iran and America went to war, the rest of the world would put their phones on silent and ignore the calls for help.

This nonsense is between Trump and Iran and we need to send that swollen prostate to Iran to settle this shit on his own without anyone else getting hurt to fight his bullshit war that he started seemingly on accident.

I haven’t written about Trump a bunch in 2019 because I think at this point, if you’re reading Deadseriousness then you’re smart enough to know that there is no value in continually complaining about this piece of shit but now soldiers are being dragged into this and it’s not so cute anymore if people actually start losing their lives because Trump signed the wrong paperwork.

Drop his ass into the Middle East and tell him to find his own ride home.




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