SEE YAAA Martha Ford You Old Racist Soon-To-Be Corpse

Martha Ford took over the Detroit Lions in 2014 after he husband passed and she is now passing the team control ver to her daughter, Sheila Ford Hamp, because she is 94 years old and probably shouldn’t have been running a football team to begin with.

Since we’re in the middle of tearing down statues of racist heroes and removing the namesakes of racist leaders from stadiums and college campuses, Martha Ford stepping down to crawl into her little coffin is perfect timing.

Good. Riddance.

I should probably explain why I hate this woman, right?

In 2017, she bribed her players to not kneel during the National Anthem. If they agreed not to kneel, she would cut a check to community issues that the players felt were important to them. Basically she said ‘don’t embarrass me in front of my rich white friends. If you don’t kneel I’ll pay for your little black things, okay?’

This is not some kind gesture or compromise. We should not be compromising on issues of race and equality. There was a problem with police brutality in 2017 and more players kneeling could’ve pushed the issue even further into (white) people’s faces. Fast forward to 2020 and the police are still murdering black people every day with no consequence.

Martha Ford didn’t want to hear it or see it. Do you want to know why? She either did not believe police brutality was a problem or she did not care. Bribing players with faux-charity is gross.

You also have to add the context that she fired Jim Caldwell after a 9-7 2018 season. In four seasons, Caldwell had the highest winning percentage as a coach in 60 seasons. He was without a doubt the best coach the Lions have had since helmets were leather and he was fired and replaced with Matt Patricia.

Patricia went 3-12-1 in his first season. Nice. The Lions were 45-50 under Martha Ford’s geriatric ownership. Jim Caldwell won 36 of those 45 games. He is currently unemployed because black head coaches aren’t allowed to win 9 or 10 games without winning a Super Bowl. That’s mediocrity for a black coach. Jason Garrett didn’t win shit and was rewarded with a DECADE as the Cowboys head coach.

But the weirdest part was Ford declaring that she was going to bring Matt Patricia back because the season ticket holders “deserve a winning team”. You elderly rat, if you wanted winning seasons then you should’ve kept Jim fucking Caldwell.

We need old rich people like Martha Ford to give up their power and go lay in coffins. You’re either pro black or you’re against the cause. There is no longer room to stand on the sidelines or be naive or cut checks to shut black people up.


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