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Sean Spicer Might Be on the Next Season of Dancing With The Stars

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was seen in Manhattan Wednesday, and according to Page Six, the reason for his visit may be negotiations for “Dancing with the Stars.”

They report that sources saw Spicer leaving meetings with NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News, apparently shopping his contacts, knowledge and know-how after abruptly departing the Trump administration last week. Spicer, apparently, is a big ratings draw, not to mention being a prominent and recognizable face from the administration.



Welp, looks like I’m watching the next season of Dancing With The Stars. Sean Spicer is must-see TV. He might be the first human being to just spontaneously combust. There is no one on Earth more easily rattled than this man. He is going to melt on camera.

Whether you go in a reality star or leave a reality star, you cannot be a member of Donald Trump’s administration unless you appear on some sort of reality show. Perhaps Dancing With The Stars is a temporary devotion for Spicer until he gets his reality legs under him and he’s going to make a huge return next year.






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