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Sean Penn Releases Bob Honey “Who Just Do Stuff”, Highlights Social Issues Faced in Society

Sean Penn has always been someone who tried to go down the path less traveled to take on somewhat unconventional routes of storytelling. Through the numerous artistic ventures that he has taken on, he has always had a somewhat uncharacteristic approach towards the work that he does. Over the years, Penn has been the producer behind several well-known films and television shows, in addition to taking on work of writing, directing and photography. One of the more recent artistic ventures that he has taken on was authoring his new book called Bob honey Who Do Stuff. 


In a recent interview with Marc Maron, Penn shed light on the process of writing that he decided to take on. He wanted to be able to tell a story that would shed light on the events that were taking place throughout the world. He wanted to be able to tell this story through the perspective of someone who wouldn’t seem connected to the social and political happenings in any way. To this effect, he constructed the character Bob Honey, a classic oddball who never really fit into the conventional norms of society. While it would seem that the main character was just someone who would lead a normal life, he, in fact, served as an assassin who would regularly target older people and would kill them in his unique way. The story revolves around this character and makes a comparison between the present scenario that the people of America are currently living in. 


It is evident that the Penn has tried to divulge into the social issues that people face on a regular basis. He wanted to bring these things to light so that people could understand and be informed about the happenings in the world. 


One of the more notable aspects of the book is the manner in which the story is written. Sean Penn has a unique ability to tell a story through innovative mediums and metaphors that aren’t as commonly used. The language and wordings too in this story are something that people must pay attention to, considering the innovative use of them within the book. Penn himself has stated that having a dictionary on hand to uncover the true meaning of the words in the book is always advised since he has used terms that aren’t commonly used in day to day life. 


One of the more striking qualities of the book is the references that it makes to real-life situations and people who have had a significant influence on society and the collective media. One of the more prominent characters in this story is somewhat similar to the current President of the United States and the work that he has been doing that influences the workings of the country. One of the other characters that were outlined in the book was based on the drug lord El Chapo. This character is also based on Penn’s meeting and interactions with the drug lord in the past when he was interviewing him for a story that he was trying to cover. 


A lot of people have come forward extending their praise to Penn for the work that he has done and the story that he has put forward. The book is now gaining recognition all over the world for the satirical take on the current political scenario in the country. Critics have claimed that the book is one of the things that present-day readers need to see and need to read to fully understand what is going on in the country and the subtle nuances behind him.




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