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Sean McVay Saved Trevor Lawrence’s Career

The New York Jets finally won their first football game of the season after traveling across the country to Los Angeles and embarrassing the Rams. With an opportunity to clinch the NFC West, the Rams took a big fat 20-23 L to statistically the worst team in NFL history.

What’s even more significant about this Jets win is that is completely destroys their chances at selecting Trevor Lawrence with the No. 1 overall draft pick after they drop to no. 2 behind the Jacksonville Jaguars who will absolutely not be winning anymore football games. They honestly might call me up to start at QB for them next week just to be sure they lose.

But there’s something fishy about how that game went down. There is no reason for a first-place team to lose to the worst team in NFL history. This isn’t some ‘any given Sunday’ shit. The Jets have a grand total of zero (0) talented players on the roster. The math isn’t mathing.

The Rams are like, good at this whole football thing. They beat Seattle and Tampa Bay in back to back weeks. They beat Arizona and New England in a 5-day span. During that time, the Jets won zero games, for comparison’s sake.

There is no on-the-field football explanation on how the Rams lost to the Jets offense that relies on 37-year old running back, Frank Gore, to start every drive with a 1-yard run up the middle to ensure the Jets begin at 2nd and 9 at all times.

The only explanation for this upset is Sean McVay realizing that the Jets were going to get these dirty greasy unwashed hands on arguably one of the greatest quarterback prospects ever and decided to sacrifice his own success in order to free the Clemson QB from the life long purgatory that is being on the New York Jets.

In the Rams final possession, they sat on the Jets 37-yard line on 3rd down with 4 yards to go for a first. McVay called a passing play. So okay, it’s 4th and 4. Just kick the field goal. There’s about 4 minutes left and it’s the Jets so you know you’ll get the ball back.

SIKE. 4th and 4 Jared Goff bombs it to the endzone for no reason and it’s an incomplete pass. Jets win. Trevor Lawrence wins. Jacksonville Jaguars fans win.

The Rams are going to make the playoffs regardless. They’re 9-5 in a terrible NFC. They can afford to throw this game in the trash.

Just a hilarious outcome for New York. The Jets now get the No. 2 pick which means Sam Darnold is most likely back to lose 15 games again. Shit, Adam Gase might be back to avoid Darnold having to learn a totally new offensive system.

One week 15 win just guaranteed another winless season for the Jets next season and another decade of misery thanks to Sean McVay taking a knee and losing on purpose. A king.




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