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Here is That Scene in Rogue One Where Darth Vader Murders EVERYONE

This might be one of my favorite scenes in any of the Star Wars movies so far. I was straight up terrified when Darth Vader showed up on that ship and just started slicing motherfuckers into pieces. It was ripped directly from a horror film.

I’m not sure how I feel about Rogue One. Part of me loves the ending and loves the fact that all of the characters were brutally killed in very unflattering ways. It was the first Star Wars movie that was actually about war.

Part of me thinks that the movie completely unnecessary and was a story that didn’t affect anything and didn’t need to be told at all. Having said that, we got to see the most vicious version of Darth Vader since he killed all those younglings back in the day so Rogue One was a great movie.





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