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Saturday Night Live Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Debate Sketch Was Fire Emoji

So it appears this entire season’s budget will be spent on making Alec Baldwin look exactly like Donald Trump. That hair and makeup was spot on. I want Alec Baldwin to show up for the next debate instead of Trump. It’ll probably be the same exact result regardless.

The Hillary Clinton somersault alone was enough to make this sketch fire emoji. I can watch Alec Baldwin do that Trump impression all day. I know I say that now but by November I will be entirely sick of that shit. But until then, it was fire emoji.

Saturday Night Live is very hit or miss lately and by that I mean mostly misses. This presidential debate seems like cake for them. I’m not sure what to expect next week when they don’t have hilarious content that writes itself. We shall see.

I guess the scary thing about this Saturday Night Live sketch is that it was almost a word for word reenactment of the real debate. I’m not one of those ‘this country is doomed’ typed people. I actually those people are perhaps the lamest in this whole process. But like still, this isn’t a great look for the future…

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