Saquon Barkley is THICCCCCCC

I’ve been so on the fence about Saquon Barkley being the No. 2 overall pick in the draft. The New York Giants needed so many positions filled after a 3-13 season so drafting Barkley No. 2 seemed um, high.

But I am completely changing my tune now that I’ve seen how thiccccccc he is.

Highkey thiccccc wit it. My god. Those thighs though. Absolute tree trunks for legs. Saquon would be an Instagram thot being flown into New York for All Star weekend if he wasn’t an NFL running back. My man would be in Ibiza this summer holding grapes for Sheiks and Sultans with that body.

Okay yea, this is my running back always and forever. I cannot wait to watch him leap over defenders every single time he runs for no reason at all. If anyone is worried about his health, worry no more. There will be zero legs injuries for this man whose legs are made of Vibranium. He might have the longest career in running back history.

sooo0o0o thiccccccc tho.





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