Sam Darnold Will Never Be a Top 10 Quarterback in the NFL

Sam Darnold seems like a good kid who loves football almost as much as he loves making out with random women. But after two seasons, it’s safe to say that he will never be one of the great QBs in this league.

Yes, it’s very early in his career but there are two quarterbacks from his own draft class currently competing in the playoffs this weekend and no one is reserving their judgments of those quarterbacks because it’s too early.

Lamar Jackson is about to win the MVP and Josh Allen should be the runner up (according to just me). Meanwhile, Baker Mayfield turned into Johnny Manziel and Sam Darnold is just middle of the road when his spleen doesn’t hurt.

It’s difficult to compare raw stats with Darnold missing three games due to mono but he averaged less yards per game than Gardner Minshew, Daniel Jones and Kyler Murray.  He was outplayed by this year’s rookie class.

Sam Darnold ranked 24th in completion percentage behind backup quarterbacks, Kyle Allen and Mason Rudolph. I don’t really care about passer rating but you’d hope your franchise quarterback would manage to have a higher passer rating than Joe fucking Flacco.

This is hard for me as an Adam Gase truther. I want to blame Gase for all of this but at what point do we look at Darnold and realize he’s nothing special at all.

When he came into the league, I said his ceiling was Andy Dalton which I’m now discovering was super disrespectful to Dalton. Dalton didn’t have a losing season until his sixth year in the NFL. Sam Darnold is a walking losing season.

The New York Jets should strongly consider giving Darnold the Josh Rosen treatment by drafting a new franchise quarterback and sending Darnold somewhere to be exposed as the backup quarterback he was destined to be.

The New York Jets lost 0-33 to the New England Patriots on Week 7 this season. During the game, Darnold was caught on the sidelines saying he was ‘seeing ghosts’. He finished this disgusting game going 11-for-32 with just 86 yards passing and 4 interceptions.

Now very few young quarterbacks look good against a Bill Belichick defense but holy shit, Darnold looked like he didn’t even belong in the NFL. Absolute bum out there.

Again, it’s not impossible for Sam Darnold to improve but every year, better quarterbacks enter this league while Darnold puts up these Jeff Garcia-esque seasons. How will Darnold enter the Top 10 when Kyler Murray and Daniel Jones are already better. Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa and Trevor Lawrence are coming and they’re better than Darnold.

How many Top 10 quarterbacks are questioning the paranormal activity on the football field because he can’t recognize safety blitz’s at the line of scrimmage? What’s that? Zero of them?

Congrats to the New York Jets, you drafted the next Mark Sanchez. Everyone get your Hall of Fame speeches ready.


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