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Sam Darnold Will Be Out of the League Long Before Saquon Barkley

As a New York Giants fan, I don’t have many things to be happy about this season. They have 1 more win than zero wins and every week is just a desperate 2-hour marathon to get a single first down. I’m pissed thinking about it. Be good, sooner.

From draft night until juuuuust about this past weekend, every sports reporter and analyst that doesn’t actually watch the Giants or the Jets stated with certainty that the New York Giants should’ve drafted Sam Darnold.

Um, Darnold has a 43.3 passer rating in his last 3 games and in a 6-13 loss to the Miami Dolphins this past Sunday he threw 4 awful looking interceptions. Darnold ranks 33rd out of 34 qualifying quarterbacks with a 68.3 passer rating.


Now, I don’t in any way think Eli Manning is killing it over here but at least he’s not leading the league in interceptions. Eli has the arm strength of a little girl with no arms but at least he’s smart enough to recognize that and isn’t trying to force the ball in double and triple coverage.

What do people think would happen if Darnold started for the Giants?

I keep hearing that Darnold doesn’t have any weapons but how would giving him Odell Beckham and Evan Engram suddenly prevent him from throwing the ball directly into linebackers’ chest?

Sam Darnold is the New Jersey Nathan Peterman and no one can tell me otherwise.

Meanwhile, Saquon Barkley is third in the entire NFL in yards from scrimmage and appears to be a lock for Rookie of the Year.

The Giants as a whole have been constructed poorly top to bottom so Saquon Barkley isn’t capable of affecting wins and losses as much as he would elsewhere but man, the Jets would LOVE to have Saquon Barkley in their backfield right now.

I had so many people in my mentions after Week 1 telling me that Sam Darnold is going to be the New York Jets quarterback for a decade and Saquon won’t make it past his rookie deal.

Orrrrr Sam Darnold is simply the next Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith. Also real quick, I don’t want to hear about Peyton Manning leading the league in interceptions when he was a rookie. Darnold ain’t Peyton Manning. Shit, he’s not even Eli Manning at this point.

I should probably also add that I’m sure he’s nice or whatever and I’m not particularly rooting for his downfall. I don’t want him to be garbage. He just is and we must live with this. It’s a real shame.

Saquon Barkley is going to win an MVP award and Sam Darnold is going to be a battling with Jay Cutler in a couple years for a Miami Dolphins backup QB spot.






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