James Cameron Calls Wonder Woman a ‘Step Backwards’

Ryan Gosling’s Sketch About Avatar’s Logo Font Was the Perfect SNL Sketch

It’s impossible to not watch this sketch and then feel suddenly angry about how awful Avatar’s logo font is. In all seriousness, Deadseriousness, how did James Cameron allow that font on all of his posters? It truly is incredibly lazy.

Shout out to Saturday Night Live for taking a break from mocking Donald Trump by bringing in Alec Baldwin to take up way too much screen time to not ‘make fun’ of Trump but to simply repeat word-for-word the nonsense that Trump said which actually normalizes his behavior.

It’s so strange that the writers were allowed to make a sketch that wasn’t political in any way and it ended up being the funniest sketch of the night. I’m sure Lorne Michaels will learn nothing from this and he’ll double down by bringing in Kristin Wiig to do a Sarah Huckabee Sanders impression or some lame shit.

This Ryan Gosling Avatar sketch was truly enlightening. Thank you, Saturday Night Live, for opening my eyes on Jimmy Cameron’s nonsense.







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