No Matter How Bad Ryan Fitzpatrick Is, Geno Smith Should Never Touch a Football

Ryan Fitzpatrick is trash this season. He’s not even playing well enough to be the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback. He has 5 touchdown passes and 11 interceptions. He’s completing just 57% of his passes for just an average of 6 yards per completion. Oh, he also has 5 cute little fumbles on top of everything.

Having said all of that, the LAST thing the New York Jets should do is put Geno Smith out there to the wolves. I don’t even understand why he’s on the roster. I do not think Geno can play quarterback in the NFL. I don’t even think he can play in the Arena league. If I was putting together a flag football team, I’d ask Geno to bring orange slices at halftime.

If you really think it’s a good idea to replace Fitzpatrick, and it’s a good idea to replace Fitzpatrick, then throw in Bryce Petty and see if he can ball. Geno’s career should’ve ended when that 6th string linebacker punched his face into a million pieces. I’m pretty sure the guy who punched his jaw off sold me my last pair of sneakers at Foot Locker.

Should Ryan Fitzpatrick be the starting QB of the Jets? Nope. Should Geno Smith? Absolutely fucking not. Unleash that beautiful gawd, Christian Hackenberg. The world¬†needs him. It’s time.



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