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Russian Hackers Are Using Britney Spears’s Instagram Account to Communicate

In order to hack foreign governments, military officials, and embassies, Russian hackers are now using Britney Spears in their operations by posting cryptic comments on her Instagram photos.

Hackers at Turla, a group believed to be linked to Moscow, are using Instagram comments on Britney Spears’s photos to control their hacking operation, said researchers at Slovakian security firm ESET in a report on Tuesday.

The comment on Britney Spears’s photo is a clever strategy for announcing the location of a new command and control server after the previous one gets shut down. When decoded, it’s actually the central server’s internet address.


The best part about this story is that Russian hackers 1000% still believe that Britney Spears in the biggest star in America. It will forever be 2002 in Russia where Hit Me Baby One More Time is playing on repeat across Siberia.

If I know Instagram like I think I know Instagram, these Russian hackers probably aren’t even the worst comments on Britney’s account. There are thousands of eggplant emojis and creeps who don’t understand how the internet works just asking her to ‘show a nipple’. Followed by a few stray phone numbers.

Michael Flynn is definitely connected to this story but by total accident. No doubt he was commenting on Britney’s photos ‘I love you'[1. JK he’s def sending the eggplant emoji.] but the man just can’t avoid the Russians. Even when he’s just trying to reach out to his favorite pop star, he gets connected to Putin. Rough life.






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