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Russian Bots Are Being Used To Lower Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rotten Tomatoes Scores

According to several reports detailing the activity on Rotten Tomatoes’ The Last Jedi page, it appears someone (or several someones) have utilized an army of bots to spam the film’s audience score with the lowest ratings possible. A Facebook group calling itself “Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys” has even claimed credit for the disparity between the critics and audience scores, writing in a post, “it was me that caused this”:

“Thanks to friends of mine who taught me a thing or two about Bot Accounts, I used them to create this audience score through Facebook accounts created that subsequently logged into Rotten Tomatoes who rigged this score and still keep it dropping.”


First and foremost, I really liked The Last Jedi. People hated The Force Awakens because they said it copied to much from the original Star Wars movie. Now people hate The Last Jedi because it’s too different from previous Star Wars movies. Get the fuuuuck out of here and let me enjoy my lightsabers and porgs in peace.

This seems like an irresponsible use of bots. Bots should exclusively be used to rig American elections and to forge Katy Perry record sales. Rotten Tomatoes might not even make it 2018 at this pace. No site has ruined movies more than that site.

The Last Jedi was fun. Everyone chill.


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