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Russell Westbrook Trying To Dunk Aron Baynes While He Was Tying His Shoes Is The Definitive Moment in Westbrook’s Career

This is Russell Westbrook. This is the exact play that they should show at Westbrook’s Hall of Fame induction. He’s like a shark seeing blood in the water and attacking an innocent victim. Aron Baynes was simply trying to lace up his sneakers when all of a sudden, Westbrook came full speed at him ready to powerbomb him into the concession stands.

All Westbrook wants to do is dunk on you so hard that your friends and family are too embarrassed to show up at your funeral because they don’t want to be associated with the bum who was buried alive in the middle of the paint while his shoes were off.

The legend of Russ will be about his aggression. Sure, Triple-Doubles are cool or whatever but it’s his ability to jump into the sky and grab rebounds that no 6’3″ point guard should be snatching that makes him remarkable. The fact that he would definitely stab Kevin Durant at midcourt next time he plays against the Golden State Warriors is what makes him special.

If I was walking down the street and I saw Westbrook walking towards wearing a ripped up t-shirt with tassels and jeans that are two sizes too small, I’d run inside the nearest building before he chokeslammed me into traffic.


Aron Baynes is dead, Russell Westbrook murdered him on live television.



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