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Russell Westbrook Wins The MVP Award Because He Chased Stats

So I hate to be that guy but can we all agree that Russell Westbrook’s historic triple-double filled season was the result of a conscious effort to get as many stats as he possibly could. I mean, he is extremely talented and the best box score stuffer of all time. Ricky Davis could never win an MVP award or come even close so Russell Westbrook deserves praise.

I haven’t done a great job of hiding the fact that I’m a James Harden fan. James Harden also pretty much averaged a triple-double as well except he actually won games. Kawhi Leonard is the best defensive player in the league and it isn’t even close. Plus, he did way more with way less. The Spurs almost won the Western Conference with that bum LaMarcus Aldridge and 60-year old Manu Ginobili.

Again, congratulations to Russell Westbrook for stealing the MVP because he decided that he’d spend the entire year convincing his teammates to shoot immediately after they catch a pass from him so that he can get assists and his big men to move out of the way so he can get all of the rebounds. What a leader.



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