Russell Westbrook Freaking Out About a Child Touching Him is Both Wildly Overdramatic and Relatable as Hell

Earlier this week, the Oklahoma City Thunder lost 112-121 to the Denver Nuggets but the bigger story from that game is that Russell Westbrook was absolutely assaulted by a young man sitting courtside and the NBA is fortunate to not have a second Malice in the Palace as Westbrook managed to restrain himself from fighting back against that savage attack.

Here is more footage of the gruesome incident:

“He [the kid] hit me, so I told his dad, ‘Be careful, man. You can’t have your son just hitting random people.’ I don’t know him, he don’t know me. So, just letting him know, ‘You’ve just got to control your kids.'”

Russell restrained himself on the court but in the post-game interview had some really strange words to say about ‘controlling your kids’ and basically calling that kid’s father a bad dad.

Seems like a bit of an overreaction from Russell’s part considering most NBA stars would either ignore the kid or give him a high five later. Nope, Westbrook disciplined him and cucked his dad in the middle of the game.

Now, before I continue to mock Russell Westbrook for acting like a child touching him is worthy of an arrest, I understand that he’s had some trouble with fans stepping wayyy out of line.

That is super scary and of course that man should be banned from all NBA arenas for the remainder of time. In my lifetime we had a fan run onto a tennis court and stab Monica Seles.

Fans should absolutely get chokeslammed if they ever enter the field of play so I can imagine Westbrook has a short fuse when it comes to this nonsense.

That being said, chill dude.

And no, he didn’t bark at that boy and he didn’t curse him out or anything. And I get that he had his back turned so his initial response was to get super defensive. No way he could’ve known it was a child.

But once he realized it was a little boy, crack a fucking smile and pat him on the head. ‘Sorry, you have to stay in your seat chief. Don’t want you get hurt’.

Nope, he gave their entire family a stern talking to. Russell Westbrook’s a weirdo and like, not in a fun way like that video of Michael Jordan at that kid’s camp where he was challenged to make five 3-pointers or else every kid at the camp gets free sneakers and he made all five shots in the ultimate ‘fuck them kids’ moment.

No, Westbrook is a weirdo in like a ‘I’m going to beat your ass if your son looks at me again’ type of way which is um, significantly less funny.

But at the same time, it is totally relatable. Kids are gross as shit. Have you ever touched a child’s hand? They are ALWAYS sticky for some reason. And their mouths are so gross. Ew, kids are walking germs. I would act the same exact way if a boy came near me. So in a way, I feeeeeeel you, Russ.

Wow, these kids are out of control this week. How did LeBron survive this street attack? It’s almost as if he ignored it because it was a kid who meant absolutely no harm.



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