Russell Westbrook Buried Charlie Villanueva #RIP

Charlie Villanueva’s career is over right? It has to be. There is no way he can ever show his face again after Russell Westbrook just buried him.

“Get ready to watch 82 games like he did this year.” Seeee Yaaaa, Charlie.

On Monday night, the Oklahoma City Thunder advanced to the second round of the NBA playoffs after defeating the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 118-104. Although the Mavs were able to steal one game, the series was completely one-sided.

After Charlie Villanueva interrupted Russell Westbrook’s pregame rituals, there was a target on his back. Here’s a pro tip: You are not allowed to talk shit to a superstar player if you are struggling to get minutes on the floor. You will be gutted on live TV.

Learn from Charlie’s death.


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