Russell Martin Commits a Game-Winning Error To Advance the Toronto Blue Jays to the ALCS

Yes, you read that correctly. Toronto Blue Jays catcher commited an error in the top of the 7th inning that lead his team to victory. While throwing the ball back to the pitcher, Martin’s throw ricocheted off of Shin-Soo Choo’s bat allowing the Texas Rangers to score the go-ahead run. I’ve never seen anything like it before and I doubt I explained it well so just watch it below for yourself.


So how did an error that gave the Rangers the lead aid the Blue Jays in winning that game? It appears like all is lost at that moment when the umpires gathered and called it a run. Until the Toronto crowd lost their fucking minds and became hooligans. Once the fans started roaring and tossing cans onto the field like Hollywood Hulk Hogan just turned heel, you knew the momentum was shifting. Fans were begged to stop throwing cans. Babies in the front row were being hit by objects. The teams benches were cleared. It was a war zone. Toronto’s war zone.

The Texas Rangers took to the field and proceeded to commit 3 straight errors on very routine plays leading to the bases becoming loaded and forcing Cole Hamels out of the game who prior to the 7th inning was absolutely dealing. Borderline unhittable. Then Jose Bautista steps up and punches a BOMB to the moon and flips his bat up to the concession stands.

Somehow Russell Martin managed to allow the go-ahead run and still win the game for his team. I do not like the Toronto Blue Jays in any way but that was a smart, tactical play by Martin. Genius.


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