Roy Moore is the Cockiest Child Molester of All Time

Burn Alabama to the ground.

Roy Moore insists he can win a Senate race next year and will not be deterred by comments from President Trump and other Republicans discouraging him from running.

The Alabama Republican told The Associated Press in an interview Wednesday that establishment Republicans do not want him to challenge Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.) in 2020 because “everybody knows I can win.” (Source)

In 2017, Roy Moore ran against Doug Jones in a special senate election to replace Jeff Sessions in Alabama after Sessions was appointed Attorney General by Trump.

That’s the least important thing about Roy Moore, with No. 1 being the fact that he was accused of being a sexual predator who may or may not have abused a 14-year old girl.

Roy Moore was the 32-year old assistant district attorney who was sexually harassing a 14-year old high school student which is fucking disgusting. I honestly don’t even know the man’s politics or his believes because no one should. It doesn’t matter.

If you sexually assault a little girl, you are disqualified from the Senate.

Fast forward to 2019 and Moore is not only running for the Senate again but he’s being wildly overconfident about his chances of winning while still to this day refusing to show any sort of remorse for his very real pedophilia.

Guys, Roy Moore was banned from the local mall because he wouldn’t stop harassing little teenager girls when he was a grown ass adult man. There is no further conversation after that.

The massive problem here is that Alabama is in the midst of completely banning abortions which will without a doubt lead to the deaths of hundreds of woman who are desperate for medical attention but have to go to shady Craigslist doctors for the procedures they need.

So clearly this state doesn’t give a shit about women which means they’ll have no problem electing a man who thinks women of all ages are his property.

Get Roy Moore the fuuuuuck out of here and burn Alabama to the ground. There are now only 49 states.


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