Roy Halladay Was The Only Player I Enjoyed Watching Pitch Against The New York Yankees

Roy Halladay, a two-time Cy Young Award winner who pitched a perfect game and a playoff no-hitter for the Philadelphia Phillies, died Tuesday when his private plane crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. He was 40.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said during a news conference that Halladay’s ICON A5 went down around noon off the coast of Florida. The sheriff’s office marine unit responded and found Halladay’s body in shallow water near some mangroves. No survivors were found.


Well this is awful. Finding out that Roy Halladay passed ruined my day. I’m not the type of guy who really reacts to celebrity deaths but there’s a huge difference between Hugh Hefner passing away at the age of 91 and Roy Halladay falling out of the sky at the age of 40.

Quick accolades check: 203-105 win-loss record. 3.38 career ERA with 2,117 strikeouts. 8-time All-Star. 2-time Cy Young winner. My man pitched a perfect game and a no-hitter in the same season, one of which, occurred in the playoffs.

I think you get it, Halladay was reallyyyy good at throwing baseballs. But here are some stats regarding the Yankees:


18-7 win-loss record. 7 complete games (3 shutouts). 2.98 ERA with 195 strikeouts. He is the only player that could walk into Yankee stadium, walk out with a dominating win and I wouldn’t even get angry. You were watching an artist paint a masterpiece every 5 games.


RIP Halladay.



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