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Round of Applause To This Female Wrestler Who Pulled Her Tampon Out And Attacked Her Opponent With It

This is art. This is what art is.

We can talk about a ‘women’s revolution’ in professional wrestling all we want but we can’t truly achieve full equality until we embrace and celebrate the female menstrual cycle and most importantly, turn it into a weapon.

It’s all about pushing the envelope. We’ve seen Mick Foley fall on thumbtacks. We’ve seen Shane McMahon leap from the top of a Hell in a Cell cage. What new gimmick can be added to the story telling that we’ve never witnessed before.

Priscilla Kelly knows the answer.

Ripping a tampon out of yourself and shoving into another’s woman’s mouth. That was magic. That’s how you get a live crowd to truly react to your match.

If the WWF was smart, they’d hire Priscilla Kelly, yesterday. She is the future of the business. She is going to drive this sport to new heights. Triple H should be blowing up her phone as we speak.

Fuck the women’s belt, give Priscilla Kelly the World Heavyweight Championship. That was the most electric move since The Stone Cold Stunner or The People’s Elbow.

Like watching Pablo Picasso sketch on a blank canvas but instead of painting with watercolors she’s, ya know, using her own blood.



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