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Round of Applause To Francisco Cervelli For Making This Career-Altering Decision

After suffering the sixth official concussion of his career, Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli announced Sunday he will no longer play the position.

“That’s enough,” Cervelli said, according to Dejan Kovacevic of “This time is different. I can’t live like this.”

The 33-year-old has been out since May 25 with his latest concussion (Bleacher Report)

So often in sports. we expect these players to be iron men. To not just cope with the physical pain of playing a sport at the highest level but somehow a player ‘cares’ more if they play through injuries regardless of how much damage their body in taking in the long term.

Francisco Cervelli basically told us all to hold his nuts while he fields balls from first base, a notorious non-collision position.

The only real problem with Cervelli’s new claimed agency is that the Pittsburgh Pirates have All-Star Josh Bell playing first base which might mean the end of his time in Pittsburgh unless they can sneak him into the outfield.

But would you rather have to move to another city for work or keep getting your head blown off and having doctors examine your brain every 6 months?

Francisco Cervelli has had SIX concussions. That’s 6 concussions too many. It’s almost insane that Cervelli has to make this stand himself. Why aren’t doctors making this decision for him?

Round of applause to Francisco Cervelli for taking control of his career and his future.

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