Rotten Tomatoes Is Delaying The Justice League Score Which Means The Movie Definitely Sucks

Rotten Tomatoes has decided to withhold the Tomatometer score of upcoming superhero film Justice League until Thursday, more than a full day after the review embargo lifts, and mere hours prior to the film’s arrival in theaters.

(AV Club)

Soo this pretty much just confirms everything I’ve said heading into this movie. It’s going to suck. If you have a 90% and you’re certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, you go out of your way to make that score well known. You blast that all over the next Justice League tv spot.

But nope, this movie without a doubt has gotten awful reviews and they aren’t releasing the score until all of those preorder tickets fill up and they are guaranteed a massive opening weekend regardless of movie quality. DC’s undefeated movie plan. They will make a bajillion dollars and I will vomit on my way home from the theatre.

Having said all that, I’m obviously going opening night and howling when Wonder Woman starts doing Wonder Woman stuff or when Flash runs fast and when Superman comes back to life and levels an entire city or when Batman kills civilians. Ah, these DC movies are so fun. So so bad but so fun.




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