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Ronda Rousey Is Marrying Travis Browne (Who Beat His Ex-Wife)

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey confirmed Thursday she’s engaged to marry fellow UFC fighter Travis Browne.

TMZ Sports passed along the news. Browne proposed in New Zealand “about a week ago,” and Rousey accepted. She said the couple is hoping for a wedding “soon” but didn’t provide an official date.

(Bleacher Report)


Congratulations to the happy couple. For those unfamiliar, Ronda Rousey is famous for getting her head kicked into the Pacific Ocean by Holly Holm and Travis Browne is famous for beating the shit out of his ex-wife.

How soon until there is breaking news that these two beat each other up and end up divorced? A year? I feel like that’s too generous.

But who am I to judge? Love is love. People change. Blah blah. I obviously don’t want this relationship to fail. Actually, that’s not true. I am obsessed with Ronda Rousey’s losing streak. After Amanda Nunes punched her in the face no less than a bajillion times, I need more Rousey losses. There is nothing I enjoy more than her decline.

So yea again, congrats or whatever.





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