Robyn Hayward Was Definitely Getting Her Back Blown Out By The Boston Police Department

One of the funniest moments of this NBA offseason was Gordon Hayward being the third consecutive player opting out of their max contract with the Boston Celtics and leaving in free agency after the Charlotte Hornets gave him a massive bag that he did not earn.

There’s a new big 3, babyyy. Last offseason, Charlotte signed Terry Rozier to a 3-year $56 million deal for no reason which led to them ending up with the No. 3 overall draft pick last month where they would select Australian superstar, LaMelo Ball. Rozier, Ball and Gordon Hayward all wearing the same jersey?? Move out of the way, Detroit, Charlotte is coming for that 11th seed bitch.

After the Gordon Hayward news broke, his wife Robyn jumped on Instagram to share her thoughts and reflect on her time in Boston:


“The local police officers for checking in on me everyday”. Pardon? What was going down in the Hayward household that the local police department was stopping by on a daily basis? This desperate housewife moved to a big city and found comfort in the arms of the cops while Gordon was on road trips.

In Gordon Hayward’s final season in Utah, he averaged 21.9 points and made the All-Star team. Then in 2017 he signed a max deal with the Celtics to reunite with his former college coach at Butler, Brad Stevens.

He played just 5 minutes that year before attempting to come down with an awful Kyrie Irving alley-oop and ended up shattering his leg into a bajillion pieces and has clearly been a different (lesser) player ever since.

Sure, that was tough on Gordon but what about Robyn Hayward? She was in a big new city and her husband was rehabbing all day long. What was she to do home alone all day under these circumstances?

Thankfully, the Boston PD all joined forces to constantly ‘visit’ this poor lonely woman and take turns blending up her guts while Gordon was struggling on the leg press at the Celtics facility. Boston had a 5 game west coast road series and Captain O’Malley and the boys were showing Robyn Hayward what police brutality really is.

Now that this family is taking their talents to Charlotte, all we can do is hope that the local Charlotte police have welcomed Robyn Hayward with endless facials so she can truly feel like she’s apart of the community.






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