Robert Griffin III’s Career Is Over

Last week, it was announced that Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will no longer be starting, and I can’t stop laughing. Griffin came in with all of the hype in the world, and after being injured every time he makes contact with another player or throwing infinite incomplete passes, he’s out.

I’m not saying I’m a hater, but I take full throbbing pleasure in seeing someone who is over-hyped before they actually accomplish something just crash and burn. And it’s not just the fact that he’s being benched — it’s that he will never play again. ESPN reported that the Redskins organization shopped Griffin around and got ZERO interest from 31 other NFL teams. Yikes. BY-EEEEE, RGIII.

So, what actually happened to RGIII? He sucks. That’s what happened. After being a dynamic runner in college, he ended an impressive rookie season with a knee injury, and he’s been a shell of his former self ever since. With his running game gone, he’s been absolutely exposed as an AWFUL quarterback. On top of that, he can’t stay healthy. Every time he gets tackled, it looks like he just took a bullet from a sniper rifle. He lands so awkwardly, I can watch him get tackled all day long. In fact, I’m going to.

rgIII dead


But why do I even care? Because everything’s coming up New York Giants. First, Jordy Nelson tore his knee into pieces, and now the Redskins don’t have a quarterback. Yes, please start Kirk Cousins. Last year against the Giants, Cousins threw four interceptions and lost one fumble as the Giants won 45-14. I guess I’ll just go ahead and purchase my Super Bowl tickets right now.



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