Robert Griffin III Thinks He’s Being Blackballed Like Colin Kaepernick

In a wide-ranging interview with 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on Monday, the former Washington Redskins quarterback was asked what his reaction would be if he was told back in 2012 that neither of them would be signed to a team today.

“Oh, I mean, I would tell you that I wouldn’t believe that at all,” Griffin said. “The way the game is played, and just to see the amount of quarterbacks that have gone down this year, I wouldn’t say, ‘Yeah. There’s no way that myself and Kaep wouldn’t be in the league.’

“If you just look at it from a pure stat standpoint, we should definitely be in the league. If you look at it from a talent standpoint, we should definitely be in the league.

“It comes down to the teams, ultimately, and at this time, the teams don’t want to sign myself or Kaep, and that’s just the way it is,” he continued. “It doesn’t mean you stop working. It doesn’t mean you give up. It means you continue to work and you do everything you possibly can to make sure that when you get your next opportunity, that you go out and ball out.”



I’m pretty sure Robert Griffin III has a mental disorder so I won’t dunk on him too hard for being a delusional weirdo but no RGIII, Colin Kaepernick isn’t playing football because NFL owners think his protest is hurting them financially. You are not playing because you had a good rookie season then torn every muscle in your lower body every season after that and you are obsessed with running directly into linebackers instead of sliding or getting out of bounds.

Colin Kaepernick was kneeling for police brutality and RGIII was kneeling because he ran full speed into Clay Matthews. In 2016, RGIII went 1-4 starting for the Cleveland Browns and completed only 59 percent of his passes. He’s a garbage can.

Let’s stop trying to ‘figure out’ why Kaepernick isn’t in the league. We all know why. Robert Griffin III isn’t in the NFL because his body is made of paper mache and he is a mental midget which is the nicest thing I can say about whatever it is that’s going on in his brain.




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