Robert Griffin III is Getting a Divorce

Griffin has been separated from his wife of three years, the former Rebecca Liddicoat, for the past several months, and he’s in the process of filing for divorce, a league source told

The couple got married on July 6, 2013, and had a daughter, Reese Ann Griffin, in May of 2015. Griffin has informed his teammates and coaches of the divorce, and they’ve been supportive, the source said.


Robert Griffin III is BACK. Love is for losers. When you’re a young quarterback unsure of your place in the league, of course you lean on your college sweetheart to get you through the tough times. She’s been by your side since you were slinging the rock at Baylor and she’s been at your bedside every time your weak little knees buckled on the field.

Butttt now RGIII is officially the starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns and doesn’t have time for ‘love’. Take that lame shit elsewhere. All he cares about is the playbook and banging better-looking models.

Seeeee Yaaa Rebecca Liddicoat.


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