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Rob Gronkowski Crashes Sean Spicer’s Press Conference

I wonder how many times Rob Gronkowski can get drunk publicly, talk about banging chicks and break his arm every season before people start to realize that he’s not funny anymore.

So many comments on this video are about how fun he is and weird guys saying ‘I wish I could drink a beer with Gronk’. Why? You guys going to have a real stimulating conversation about the economy orrr is someone going to say ’69’ and you’re going to pretend to laugh with him?

I cannot wait until the second that Gronk is a step slow and Bill Belichick cuts him with no remorse during a preseason game.

Also, how about Sean Spicer genuinely considering letting Gronk help him out there at the end. You could see the fear in his eyes whenever a reporter opens their mouth to ask him any question and the relief he felt when Gronk interrupted was way too earnest.

Get both of these men away from cameras and microphones.




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