RIP Vice Live (2019-2019)

After a month and a half, Viceland is pulling the plug on “Vice Live,” its weeknight live show, due to low ratings.

“Vice Live” aired Monday through Thursday from Vice’s Brooklyn headquarters, originally launching as a two-hour nightly showcase of all things Vice. Viceland later cut the show to one hour a night, but “Vice Live” never managed to catch on in pop culture. The show premiered on Feb. 25 to just 77,000 viewers, making it one of cable’s least-watched shows in primetime.

The final episode of “Vice Live” aired last Thursday. Viceland president Guy Slattery announced the cancellation to staffers on Monday. A spokesperson referred Variety to an internal memo sent by Slattery. (Variety)

Vice Live didn’t stand a chance to succeed. This is the least surprising news in the history of history. A two hour long nightly live show on a network that no one can find had a record low ratings. Duh.

But it’s not even the time slot or the network or the length of the show. Vice Land didn’t stand a chance because of the gigantic elephants in the room.

Vice fumbled the bag and let Desus and Mero escape to Showtime and now they’re assed out with zero programming worth watching. No one wants to see Action Bronson smoke weed and eat pasta in the Mediterranean anymore. Desus and Mero carried this network on their back and they should’ve offered them literally whatever they wanted.

We should all be rooting against Vice and congratulating Desus and Mero for escaping a sinking ship. Last year, the president of Vice Media resigned after sexual harassment allegations.

Even the production staff on that show was mistreated and walked out in protest of how poorly they were treated. Their shows usually let out around 1am and Vice did not provide the staff safe transportation. That sounds like a dumb complaint but that’s actually the standard for the industry and as much as gentrification has hit New York, I dare you to wander the streets at 2am every night and see what happens.

Now, before we all stomp on Vice Land’s grave, let’s not dump on the people who worked on the show. Zack Fox is one of the funniest comedians in the game right now and I’m glad he got this opportunity. Fat Tony is one of the dopest rappers from Houston.

*whispers* the other two women who hosted the show weren’t that great and if you look at any of their bits on Youtube, they are downvoted and shit on prettyy bad. Basically anything that Zack Fox wasn’t apart of was trashity trash trash.

RIP Vice Live. Those 70,000 viewers will be lost.

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