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Rico Nasty and Kenny Beats’s Anger Management is Will Make You Turn Into The Incredible Hulk

[Rico Nasty voice} KENNYYYYY

[extremely Rico Nasty voice] KENNYYYYYY

Rico Nasty and Kenny Beats went to the studio for a week and casually dropped one of the best rap albums of the year. Light work.

Kenny Beats’s ability to make perfect instrumentals to make the vibes of the rapper he’s working with is unmatched. And that talent is on full display whenever he works with Rico Nasty as he consistently feeds her with these metal infused head banging pissed off slapperooni’s[1.trademarked.].

Rico Nasty makes music that can get you HYPED before you go to work and send emails for 8 hours. Play Anger Management and you’ll be typing 400 words per minute. That album is blasting right now and I’ll be done writing this article before track 2 even starts.

Rico Nasty’s music is like Death Grips minus the heroin, Rage Against The Machine if they had any real rhythm and Rah Digga with The Outsidaz circa ’99.

“Rage” and “Smack A Bitch” were her two biggest singles to date and as much as I love that ‘I’ll beat the brakes off you’ energy, Rico flexes some new muscles on Anger Management.

On ‘Cold’ she is quite literally flexing with ‘None of you bitches cold as me’ and bars like ‘Make more money than your father’ which is the type of specific cruel brags we deserve. You know the man who raised you? I have more money in my bank account than he does.

Rico raps on ‘Cheat Code’ like the words and forcing their way out of her mouth as if she’s possessed. Shout out to Baauer coming through with the production. This is the longest anyone has ever listened to a Baauer beat thus shattering the previous record of 10 seconds from that Harlem Shake song that turned into a Vine meme which is an incredibly lame sentence reading it back out loud to myself. ‘Vine meme’. What was wrong with us?

But then ‘Hatin’ comes on and THESE are the new muscles I mentioned earlier. Homegirl tightroped on Jay-Z’s ‘Dirt Off My Shoulders’. I’m a proud Jay-Z hater but at the same time, whenever a rapper jumps on a New York beat, regardless of the artist, they won me. ‘Hatin’ was a clever ploy to garner my affection. Chess, not checkers.

Baauer comes back on ‘Big Titties’ with some interesting bells for no reason. Classic Baauer. That’s a joke. There’s no such thing as ‘classic Baauer’. Ya know, because of the one-hit wonder thing. Shout to Earthgang coming thru with a perfect change of pace. Dot and Venus flows contract with Rico’s staccato in your face delivery beautifully. Sorry, Baauer. I spent way too much time making fun of you.

Also want to take thing time to say that rappers should bring back rap skits.

Whenever a song starts with a ‘La Musica De Harry Fraud’ drop then you know you’re about to hear some fire. Harry Fraud and Kenny Beats put together a soulful Blu & Exile style beat for Rico Nasty which is a pairing that I didn’t know I needed until I got it and OF COURSE it’s the shortest track on the album. Rico was really rapping on ‘Relative’. I see you.

On ‘Mood’ Rico Nasty and Splurge trade bars back and forth which is my favorite type of collab track. Let’s stop recording verses from opposite sides of the country and sending .mp3 files via email. Instead, let’s actually sit down in the studio together and work on a track together in the same room. Plz.

Rico dips into her introspective bag on ‘Sell Out’ with some inspirational bars and a rare glimpse into her mindset. When she says ‘So listen when I tell you / Don’t ever buy the dreams that these niggas try to sell you / Don’t ever try to bite the same hand that fed you / Everything I did is for the moment that it led to’ I felt that. When Ric Nasty says ‘so listen when I tell you’ you better stop what you’re doing and listen when she fucking tells you.

Anger Management shows the growth of an artist who can bend genres and it shows a producer who can bring out the best in any artist they work with including fucking Baauer.


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