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Some Lucky Person Paid $14,000 For McDonald’s Mulan Szechuan Sauce From 1998 Because of Rick and Morty

1998 was a hell of a year. Gas was $1.15 per gallon. Pokemon Blue and Red hit the streets and Bill Clinton did not have sexual relations with that woman. But most importantly, McDonald’s released that sweet delicious Mulan Szechuan Sauce.

Shout out to Rick and Morty’s April Fool’s episode and Season 3 premiere for reminding the world of this wonderful sauce. It was such a random and pointless joke in the episode but it somehow made one weird hoarding lunatic $14,000 on eBay because some psychopath was willing to pay that much money for a joke that was on a cartoon.

Having said that, McDonald’s should probably step up and bring back that sauce as soon as possible. Actually, knowing how these fast food restaurants work, it’s probably best that they don’t bring it back. I’m sure there’s an old warehouse full of this Mulan sauce that was locked away in 1999. I know for a fact that they won’t make any new batches and they’ll just distribute that old crap.





Sidenote: #RIP to the person who is going to eat an old dipping sauce from 1998. $14,000 is pretty pricey for a suicide.





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