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Sugardaddy Seeking His Sugarbaby Gets Banned From Florida Beach

A 73-year-old man is banned from a Florida beach after a parent complained that he was handing out business cards that read, “Sugardaddy seeking his sugarbaby.”

Richard Basaraba told The Daytona Beach News-Journal he’s “devastated” by what he considers an overreaction by officials. He said he wasn’t trying to entice anyone into doing anything illegal when he handed a business card out to a group of girls on Daytona Beach on Saturday.

But the mother of a 16-year-old girl complained to authorities after her daughter told her about the incident. The girl told officials the man handed her 18-year-old friend the business card while they were at the beach. It featured a picture of a younger woman sitting on the lap of an older man wearing a business suit. Printed on the card were an email address and the accompanying text: “Ask me about your monthly allowance.”

Basaraba told the newspaper he’s been careful not to hand the cards, which he recently ordered, to anyone under 18.

A beach patrol report says Basaraba told the 16-year-old that she should contact him when she’s 18.

“I’m really upset about it,” Basaraba said. “This really knocked me for a loop.” He said recently bought a T-shirt that reads “Accepting application 4A sugar baby,” which has also proved to be a “conversation starter.”



Dating is hard.

It’s even harder when you know exactly what type of relationship you’re looking for and everyone acts like you’re the weirdo for knowing what you want. Richard Basaraba wants a sugar baby plain and simple.

You have to respect Richard Basaraba for handing out applications to potential sugar babies. This man has a code of ethics as well. He wouldn’t dare try to entice a 16-year old girl. He always makes sure they’re at least 18 but of course he throws in a ‘I’ll call you in two years’ just so that she still feels wanted. What a gentleman.

I really hope this man finds what he’s looking for. We all need love or we all need to pay someone to spend time with us and creep all over them. Also if there are any sugarmommas¬†out there, I am available for you.



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